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Press Releases 2018

ΙΑΣΩ: ΜΑΣΤ – DO για τον Οκτώβριο

Prompted by the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, IASO recommends the mAst-do for October; our precious Mammography.

In the context of the “mAst-do” campaign, from the word “mastology” meaning the study of breasts, aimed at raising awareness in women, IASO offers you three breast screening options at privileged prices.

  1. Digital Mammography & Breast Tomosynthesis at the concessionary price of 45€.
  2. Digital Mammography & Breast Ultrasound at the concessionary price of 50€.
  3. Digital Mammography & Breast Tomosynthesis & Breast Ultrasound, at the concessionary price of 65€.

Please note that IASO’s Digital Mammography System performs Digital Mammography & Low-dose Breast Tomosynthesis at the same time and with half radiation dose.

All tests should be scheduled in advance with IASO’s Department of Medical Imaging & Interventional Radiology (level -2). Telephone: +30 210 6185146, 09:00 – 16:00, Monday-Friday.

The offer is valid until 31/10/2018.

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