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Press Releases 2017

“IASO PRIVATE GENERAL, OBSTETRIC - GYNAECOLOGICAL & PAEDIATRICS CLINIC - DIAGNOSTIC, THERAPEUTIC & RESEARCH CENTER S.A." (the Company) announces that it has signed on 5 November 2017 a share purchase agreement (the Agreement) for the sale of a percentage (97.2%) of the shares held by the Company in its subsidiary “IASO General – GENERAL CLINIC CHOLARGOU SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME” (IASO General) to the company “HELLENIC HEALTHCARE S.À R.L.”, a limited liability company with its registered seat in Luxembourg (the Purchaser). The enterprise value has been evaluated at circa EUR 48 million and minus the banking borrowing and relevant liabilities, the evaluation of the shares amounts to EUR 20 million whereas the consideration that corresponds to the Company amounts to EUR 19,446,000 (the consideration). The transfer of shares is subject to customary conditions and terms as per the Agreement.

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