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Press Releases 2019

FILOKTITIS receives worldwide distinction in medical research

Filoktitis broke ground in medical research and received worldwide distinction. The article (2017), “The Effect of Simultaneous Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation and Speech Therapy Treatment in Stroke Patients with Aphasia”, published in “Journal of Advances in Medicine and Medical Research”, authored by Messrs Vissarakis Georgios and Karagounis Panagiotis - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists and key members of Filoktitis- Recovery and Rehabilitation Center, won the World Championship 2018 in Medical Research (Rehabilitation).

World Championship 2018 is held every year to select, among thousands of candidacies, the best international research studies in all areas of medical research.

The research article of Messrs Vissarakis and Karagounis, titled “The effect of simultaneous transcranial direct current stimulation and speech therapy treatment in stroke patients with aphasia”, was selected as the world's best research article in the field of medical research (Rehabilitation) among 5,961 candidacies from 85 countries.

The research was carried out by the physicians-investigators entirely on the premises of Filoktitis-Recovery and Rehabilitation Center. The transcranial electrical stimulation devices of the center were used, coupled with the intervention by speech therapists in stroke patients with aphasia. The research deals with the effect of transcranial direct current stimulation (TDCS) on improving verbal expression in patients with aphasia secondary to stroke, and demonstrates the optimal efficacy of treatment when simultaneously combined with speech therapy.

Filoktitis congratulates its physicians-investigators, the rehabilitation team and all participating patients on the completion and worldwide distinction of the research study that clearly demonstrates that the scientific work of FILOKTITIS’s rehabilitation team is at a high international level.

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From left: Messrs Vissarakis Georgios and Karagounis Panagiotis, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialists and key members of Filoktitis-Recovery and Rehabilitation Center.

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