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Press Releases 2019

Twin Mum Seminars at IASO - Meetings for mums expecting twins

IASO is holding a series of meetings aimed at pregnant women with twins, “Twin Mum Seminars”. The first meeting will take place on Wednesday, 6 March 2019, at 4:30 pm, at the seminar room of IASO Clinic, on the 1st floor.

Over the last years, multiple pregnancies have significantly increased. For the first time, IASO covers in an organized manner the need for proper information and guidance of mothers during pregnancy and postnatal period.

Seminar agenda:

Arrival & registration, snack & coffee

Expecting twins -what the expectant mother should be aware of and watch for during pregnancy. The Role of the Fetomaternal Medicine Specialist.
Maria Simou MD, PhD, Obstetrician – Gynecologist, Fetomaternal Medicine Specialist, PhD awarded by the University of Athens, Director of “Twin Clinic”.

Planning a twin nursery –Taking care of your newborn twins at home
Working Group: Marina Antoniadi, Midwife, IASO NICU Coordinator, Vassiliki Karka, NICU Midwife, Sofia Bellesi, NICU Midwife, Sophia Vardiabasi, NICU Midwife, Sofia Kalafati, NICU Midwife

Breastfeeding counseling and support for twins
Eleni Tsoukala, Midwife, Head of Training- Breastfeeding Officer, IASO



For additional information and seat reservation, please contact us at +30 210 6383955 & 210 6383949.

Attendance is free of charge.

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