IASO Children's Hospital: Comprehensive screening packages for children

They grow up fast! Make sure they also grow up healthy!

Prevention when it comes to children’s health is pivotal for us at IASO Children's Hospital, so they may grow up to be healthy. In this context, we offer comprehensive screening packages for our young friends!




The screening tests include:

  • Basic Package at €65: Eye exam, ECG, Doppler ultrasound & cardiology exam
  • Sports Check-Up at €80: Eye exam, ECG, Doppler ultrasound & cardiology exam, dermatology exam
  • Full ENT Check-Up at €40: ENT exam, audiometry and tympanometry
  • Body Weight Control & Management at €75: Consultation with a Pediatrician/Endocrinologist, assessment by a Nutritionist/Dietitian using the BOD POD method & diet plan
  • Spine/Scoliosis Check-Up at €35: Review of the most important traits, detailed developmental history and forward bending test, in cooperation with a Spine & Scoliosis Surgeon
  • Gait & Posture Analysis at €40: Biomechanical analysis of plantar support, pedobarography and assessment of pedobarography data

Check-ups are addressed to children aged 5 and over. Please bring your child’s social insurance booklet (EOPYY) with you.

The exams are performed daily by appointment. To book your appointment, call on (+30) 210 6383503 & 210 6383070-2 until 31/10/2020, when the offer ends.