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IASO: IASO Celebrates its 21 Years of Operation with little IASOs

*Iaso was the ancient Greek goddess of cures, remedies and modes of healing

Today, IASO celebrated its 21 years of operation in a very special way by inviting the two first children born in May 1996 to the event. The two girls have grown up into two exceptional young ladies. Apart from receiving a commemorative photo of their christening, at which company representatives served as godparents and named them after “Iaso” as a second name, each of the two young ladies received a cheque for 10,474 euros that was handed by IASO Group’s Chair of BOD, Mr. Georgios Stamatiou. In his brief statement, Mr. Stamatiou said: “We celebrate the 21 years of operation in the best way for everyone, and especially for our ‘little Iasos’. We also export the message that IASO, once more, highlights the credibility of its words and actions, i.e. it honors its commitments, and wishes to spread this message -a message suggesting that anyone who comes to IASO for healthcare services is not a client, but a person we care for and always remember.

More than 269,000 children were in born in IASO, and we do wish we had the ability to give each of them similar gifts. These children must know that our thoughts are with them, and this is the reason why we established IASO Children’s Hospital; a hospital in which all necessary departments have been created and phase in, making IASO Children’s Hospital an unparallel and leading private children’s clinic, both in our country and abroad.”

The event was also attended by ALLIANZ Insurance Company executives, headed by Mr. Eftichidis, Executive Director & C.O.O, who stated: “We are proud that you chose Allianz to trust your savings for these two girls throughout these years.” Mr. Eftichidis gifted each of the two ‘little IASOs’ an annual “My Health” healthcare policy



For more press information, please contact Ms Nancy Christopoulou, Department of Commercial Management at IASO Group, tel: +30 210 6383917 & 210 6502853, E-mail:

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