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IASO celebrates and offers once again  5 free of charge childbirths

IASO, the No 1 Maternity Clinic in Greece, shows once more its “family support” in practice.

Prompted by the occasion of its 21-year anniversary of operation, IASO honors mother and life, and offers 5 free of charge childbirths, by running a competition on Facebook.

For the most precious moment of your life, visit IASO Group’s Facebook page ( and share your thoughts and feelings on pregnancy and motherhood by commenting under the competition’s post to sign up and claim IASO’s gifts!

Each package offered includes 3- to 4-day hospitalization charges, surgery expenses, general anesthesia or epidural, basic examinations for the mother and neonate, materials and medication directly related to natural childbirth or C-section, and the anesthesiologist’s fee. The offer stands for natural childbirths or C-sections to be performed by 30 April 2018. For more information on the “Competition Terms and Conditions”, please go to


For more press information, please contact the Department of Commercial Management of IASO Group:
Ms Ioanna Renti, tel.:+30 210 6383905, E-mail:,
or Ms Nancy Christopoulou, tel.:+30 210 6502853 & 6383917, E-mail:

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