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Press Releases 2019

IASO: We celebrate Mother's Day with 5 free of charge births

IASO delivers 10,000 babies a year! It’s time to deliver your baby!

IASO, the #1 Maternity Hospital in Greece, celebrates Mother's Day and, for the 3rd year, offers 5 free of charge childbirths, with a contest on Facebook and Instagram.

To participate in the contest, please visit IASO Group’s page on Facebook (, like the page or follow us on Instagram (, comment under the post of the competition, and share with us what the word “mother” means to you! In this way you enter the draw to claim IASO’s gifts!

Each package offered includes 3- to 4-day hospitalization charges, surgery expenses, general anesthesia or epidural, routine tests for the mother and her neonate, materials and medication directly related to natural childbirth or C-section, and the anesthesiologist’s fee. The offer stands for natural childbirths or C-sections to be performed by 31 August 2020. For more information on the “Competition Terms and Conditions”, please go to

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