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Press Releases 2020

IASO: Free Surgeries & Medical Consultations on World Thyroid Day

On the occasion of the World Thyroid Day on 25 May, IASO is offering 10 thyroid surgical procedures a year free of charge to individuals in financial hardship, provided they meet certain criteria. It is also offering 50 medical consultations free of charge to the first 50 people who will schedule an appointment. These are split into 25 free consultations with a thyroid surgery specialist and 25 free consultations with endocrinologists.

The action forms part of the “By your Side” Corporate Social Responsibility Program and aims to raise public awareness on the very profound impact of thyroid conditions on the quality of life of people who remain undiagnosed. The free surgical procedures will be performed by the IASO Thyroid Surgery Department Director, Mr. Stavros Tsirigotakis, and his surgical team.

Thyroid conditions affect more than 200 million people worldwide according to the American Thyroid Association (ATA). Out of these, 60% are not aware of their conditions and suffer needlessly in their daily lives.

However, as soon as the thyroid condition is diagnosed, and provided it is treatable, once the patient commences treatment, the symptoms can subside completely.

  • Contact phone numbers for the free surgery program: (+30) 210 6383905 & (+30) 6974445853
  • Contact phone number for scheduling appointments for medical consultations: (+30) 210 6185229, Mon – Fri 08:00 – 16:00

A few words about the thyroid gland

The thyroid gland produces hormones that affect every organ and cell of the human body. The thyroid hormones regulate the body’s metabolism – the rate at which the body generates energy from nutrients and oxygen – and affect crucial body functions, such as energy levels and heart rate.

The thyroid gland contributes in regulating the heart and digestive function, the body’s temperature and growth, and much more. It is known as the metabolism regulator of the body. It is very significant, as even a slight disorder may cause multiple problems to an individual.

IASO: 5 Deliveries Free-of-Charge to Celebrate Mother’s Day

IASO is offering you a gift for the greatest gift of your life!


For the 4th year running, IASO, the No. 1 Maternity Hospital in Greece, is celebrating Mother’s Day by offering 5 deliveries free-of-charge, through a Facebook and Instagram contest.

To participate in the contest, visit the IASO Group profile on Facebook ( and click on like on the page or follow us on Instagram ( Then leave a comment below the contest post, sharing with us what the word “mother” means to you!

You will be entered in the draw to win the IASO gifts!

Each package includes hospitalization fees for 3 or 4 days, operating room fees, general anesthesia or epidural, basic medical tests for the mother and neonate, materials and medications directly linked to natural delivery or C-section, and anesthesiologist’s fee. The offer is valid for natural deliveries or C-sections that will be performed until 31 August 2021. For further information about the terms of the contest, click on the following link:

IASO provides 70 beds at Filoktitis and full equipment for two HDU places

IASO Group has sent a letter to the Greek Ministry of Health announcing that is providing 70 beds at the Filoktitis Rehabilitation Center, located in Koropi, Attica, to the National Health System free of charge. The beds are available immediately.

The beds are offered for non-COVID-19 related cases. This offer aims to free up beds at the National Health System reference hospitals.

At the same time, it is providing to the National Health System full equipment for two High Dependency Unit (HDU) places, helping support COVID-19 cases.

With a deep sense of responsibility and social empathy towards this unprecedented health crisis plaguing Greece, IASO Group is assisting the National Health System in its efforts, to the extent possible.


For more news-related information:

Press Office: Thanasis Papadis, +30 6944346076

IASO Group Commercial Division: Nancy Christopoulou, Tel: +30 6946482043, +30 210 6383917, Email:

30/4/2020 - Filoktitis: Rehabilitation Unit established for patients infected with COVID-19


Filoktitis promptly responded to the crucial need to provide healthcare services to patients who were infected with COVID-19.

In particular, patients who were admitted to hospitals and ICUs for extensive periods of time need additional dedicated treatments to regain their strength and stamina. The aim is for them to return to their previous physical condition and be able to function independently.

The Filoktitis scientific team consists of all the specialties necessary to offer comprehensive care to each individual patient. They follow an individualized approach, aiming to avoid any necessary complications related to the illness and to help patients recover more effectively.

The coronavirus pandemic has created the need to offer dedicated rehabilitation services, focusing on a multidisciplinary approach. The World Health Organization has developed new guidelines for supporting and managing patients who have recovered from the infection but need special care to return to their previous physical condition.

Respiratory physiotherapy and functional restoration of patients who have been infected with COVID-19 will play a crucial role in addressing the pandemic crisis overall.

IASO wishes all the best to all the women!


We at IASO are standing by women every day that goes by.

That’s why we have one more reason to celebrate.


IASO is celebrating alongside all women, giving away €150 vouchers to 30 lucky winners!

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day on 08/03/2020, IASO is running a contest on Facebook and Instagram, offering 30 €150 gift vouchers to be used for any services available through IASO and IASO Children’s Hospital.

To enter the contest, visit our profile on Facebook ( or Instagram (, write what the word “woman” means to you and mention a friend in the comments to the relevant post.

The winners will be announced on 31/03/2020. Out of the 30 winners, 15 will be chosen from Facebook and 15 from Instagram. The gift vouchers will be able to redeemed up until 31/08/2020.


Read the official contest rules:


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