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IASO Thessalias Specialized Services

Bariatric Surgery Center

IASO Thessalias’ Bariatric Surgery Center (or Obesity Surgery) takes prides in providing advanced surgical techniques for the treatment of obesity. Obesity is considered a complex medical condition, etiologically involved in a number of serious health-related problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol and triglycerides levels, sleep apneas, sub-fertility, lumbalgia, arthralgias and overall low quality of life. This type of surgical approach is highly applicable to such patients given that no diet or medication has long-term efficacy. Bariatric surgery delivers steady and long-term weight loss, resulting in the improvement of the accompanying diseases and of the quality of life.

The Bariatric Surgery Team at IASO Thessalias offers one of the most comprehensive and efficient weight loss programs in Greece.


  • It comprises highly-educated and fully-experienced specialists in obesity surgery, specialized dieticians, psychologists and health professionals, all of whom provide long-term monitoring and post-operative support
  • A comprehensive pre-operative assessment of the morbidly obese patient.
  • The hospital rooms allow for your treatment in a comfortable and pleasant environment.
  • All surgeries are performed laparoscopically; thus, post-operative pain is reduced, complications are minimized, hospitalization time is shortened and return to physical activities is sooner.
  • Use of cutting-edge technological equipment and sophisticated systems in digitized operating rooms.
  • On-going post-operative support and long-term follow-up.

Obesity is a serious condition which tortures the patient, both physically and psychologically, and seriously impacts his/her social and working environment. Consequently, it should be managed by a team of specialists and the obese patient should be treated with responsibility, accountability, knowledge and confidentiality. In this way, the patient is holistically approached to defeat his/her fear and hesitation and gains back his/her health, the greatest gift in life.

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