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MedStem Services

Medstem Services S.A., a subsidiary of IASO Group, is engaged in developing services other than medical. Its activities include the operation of the stem cells bank “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank”, “My Club Card Visa” credit card and IASO Group’s magazine “My Life”.

In collaboration with the National Bank of Greece, Medstem Services S.A. issues the “My Club Card Visa” credit card which grants its holders healthcare services at IASO Group by offering significant offers and benefits such as discounts, free check-ups, etc. Moreover, Medstem Services S.A. issues IASO Group’s magazine “My Life” which includes interesting healthcare subjects for the whole family written by IASO Group’s doctors, as well as important news and announcements of the Group.

Since 2006, “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” is active in the field of collection, process and cryopreservation of hematopoietic progenitor cells (Umbilical Cord Blood stem cells – UCB) and, in 2010, by establishing a new laboratory, it introduced its services in the field of collection, process and cryopreservation of Umbilical Cord Tissue (UCT), too.

Medstem Services S.A. and “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” provide all Greek families with the potential of private stem cells banking (family banking), holding in this way 60% of all the Greek stem cells bankings from childbirths performed at IASO Group’s Clinics. Medstem Services S.A. and “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” do not deprive any other Greek family of the right to proceed to family banking and manage collection inflow from all the Hospitals-Maternity Clinics in Greece.

Within the framework of its business growth, the year 2013 is marked with the expansion of “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” to new markets beyond the Greek territory.

Medstem Services S.A., in collaboration with IASIS D.O.O., builds on its activities by collecting, processing and cryopreserving hematopoietic progenitor cells (UMB) from Maternity Clinics located in the Republic of Serbia.

Being a scientific and technologically fully equipped UCB and UCT bank and by banking all the transplants in its continuously expanding laboratories within IASO premises in Maroussi, “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” maintains the initial enthusiasm and remains active in safeguarding the precious stem cells of the future families as well.

The Flow Cytometry Laboratory, also owned by Medstem Services S.A., is active in the field of investigation of biological stem cells samples, accommodates cutting-edge equipment and is annually successfully certified for the accuracy of its results by the International Organization UK NEQAS (United Kingdom National External Quality Assessment Schemes for Leucocyte Immunophenotyping).

“IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” operates under the accreditation awarded by AABB (former American Association of Blood Banks). Within the framework of quality control process for accreditation purposes, AABB delegates biannually inspect the laboratories of the bank and certify the performance of “IASO Group Stem Cells Bank” on medical, technical and administrative levels. During inspection, the quality system and the bank’s operations are thoroughly investigated and the award of the accreditation certificate constitutes the evidence that the bank covers or exceeds the requirements of the accreditation standards. In September 2013 the accreditation was renewed.

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